We Want Your Feedback

Have you tried the app or would like to but are concerned about having an app on your phone? We want to hear from you.

We have now developed the app and have put it on the app store where people can download it and use it for free. We would like to get feedback on it ‐ is it of any interest and why or why not, if there any problems associated with using it and so on.

This part of the study involves answering a few questions. You can respond in many ways.

  1. By completing a questionnaire;
  2. By calling 0800FOR NIHI (0800 367 6444) and leaving your thoughts on a voice answer machine;
  3. Downloading the app and using the feedback screen;
  4. Providing feedback using email
  5. Providing feedback on our SPGeTTI website http://‐us

Your participation is voluntary.No information about you is collected.

If you want to know more about what your participation means, go to the RESOURCES page and read or download the participant information sheets.

This study has Health and Disability Ethics Approval reference 16/NTA/86/AM04